From Concept to Completion

Installation services provided by Zahner field operators ensure that your designs will have high-quality edges and details. The finish work provided by in-house Zahner teams provide customers with peace of mind that the end result will be as good as the original design intent.

The company's in-house install team includes experienced field operators who have worked both nationally and internationally. Field operators at Zahner work alongside fabricators in the Zahner manufacturing plant for years before joining a field operations team. This experience prepares Zahner installers for the quality craft required to produce museum-quality finishes on both art and architecture. 

Zahner field operators are part of a larger operational group. The company runs a number of individual operational groups that each handle different types of custom project delivery. Each of these project teams are staffed with an experienced project manager, project engineers, project operations leader and a field operations leader. The Zahner project teams works cooperatively with general contractors to ensure that the product is set in place at the most accommodating time for the overall build.

Safety Protocols

Zahner operates in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act and all applicable regulations made under the Act. The company crews consistently win awards for million-hour safety records, as seen recently during the construction of the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Zahner crews are also conscientious of the needs of the parallel trades and work in concert with all onsite staff to maximize efficiency and production.

Projects completed by Zahner range from standard details to custom and complex solutions. The engineers and fabricators at Zahner rise to this challenge — and Zahner installers ensure that this challenge is met with a quality finish.  

Designing for Prefab Installation

One of the primary ways that Zahner operates is through unitized panel assemblies which are designed for rapid installation in the field. These pre-engineered and fabricated components drop into place and are quickly secured to the structure of the building. This rapid installation process in the field allows Zahner to focus its resources on the fabrication facility where the components are produced, employing a tight group of field operators to quickly and simply install the intelligently engineered components.

In addition to providing in-house installation services, Zahner has also developed a large list of install partners in locales all over the world. To learn more about Zahner installation services, or for help with designing your system for efficient installation, contact a member of the Zahner sales team.