Fully Engineered Custom Systems

The engineering team at Zahner includes a diverse group of passionate, creative, hardworking individuals.  Every engineer at Zahner brings to the table innovative problem-solving skills.

These are the people responsible for the trademarked systems and technologies developed by Zahner. This includes systems such as the Inverted Seam and ZIRA Technology used on projects within the US and overseas. The engineering team is experienced in a diverse range of site conditions, code mandates, and client requirements. Additionally, the team works globally on projects of all sizes and types ranging from football stadiums and large scale art museums to family residences and public art sculptures.

Zahner engineers provide services to a wide array of clients: architects, contractors, subcontractors, developers, engineers, governmental entities, and institutions. By providing fabrication as well as engineering, Zahner has a broad understanding of what is involved in fully realizing a project. One of the biggest reasons that people come to Zahner is because of how the engineering team can aggressively reduce the cost of construction without sacrificing the end quality. By value engineering and improving the efficiency of the overall project, that’s extra time and money that can be used elsewhere on the project or can end up back in the owner’s pocket.

To learn more about Zahner engineering services, contact a member of the Zahner sales team and get started.