How We Work

For more than a century, architects, owners, and design professionals have partnered with Zahner to find solutions for the most challenging projects made in metal. To achieve these increasingly complex designs, Zahner works in a collaborative framework designed to meet each project's aesthetic goals within a predicable timeline and budget.

Capabilities include assistance in project design with full engineering to assure constructability, complete metal fabrication, and onsite installation, as required. Through each step, Zahner takes a proactive approach, meeting project requirements and exceeding client expectations.

Innovation is a core tenant of the Zahner philosophy. The company maintains a robust R&D department that actively seeks new means and methods of working in metal. From time to time, we meet someone who is as excited as we are to push the boundaries of metal design. For this reason, we developed a special innovation process through which clients partner with our talented R&D team to turn the unknown into tangible success.

For more information on how you can collaborate with Zahner on your next project, connect with one of our sales engineers.