Dirty Penny Preweathered Copper Patina

Dirty Penny copper is a premium surface developed by Zahner to provide artists and architects with a stunning architectural surface unlike any other. The preweathered copper features light and dark tones ranging from blues to greens and reds.

An iridescent surface, the material benefits from a microfilm which develops on the exterior layer of the material. The oxidized layer is like a living protecting barrier which grows and evolves as it further oxidizes.

As part of the Zahner sustainability mission, each of the patinated metal products produced by Zahner are developed in the company's EPA certified facility in Grand Prairie, Texas. The award-winning facility follows environmental practices in producing sustainable copper, zinc and steel surfaces with custom patination, ensuring that the community water supply isn't damaged by the use of improper waste disposal. 


Patinated metals are distinct in their transformative nature. While immutable materials like stainless steel or passivated aluminum may stand up to weather without change, transformative metal systems are designed to change.

Dirty Penny is a patina on copper, a transformative material. If exposed to exterior elements, the material will continue to weather, darkening over time. Within twenty years, it will begin to turn green. This transformation provides the material with a protective coating. This natural process of weathering and longevity is part of what makes the material so desirable.

If sealed and maintained, it is possible for a custom copper patina such as Dirty Penny to maintain its iridescent luster. As an interior surface, the Dirty Penny copper's unique finish can last indefinitely, especially if the material is sealed.

For more information about Dirty Penny, or to specify the material in your next project, contact a member of the Zahner sales team.

Works featuring Dirty Penny™