Dallas, Texas is hosting the 3rd ever New Cities Summit in the Foster & Partners-designed Winspear Opera House today through June 19, 2014. Zahner worked on the building, including the massive aluminum canopy which was specifically designed to create a calming atmosphere and a shaded urban park. Zahner also was involved on the interior metalwork and furniture, and provided the facade on the Wyly Theatre across the street.

The theme of the New Cities Summit is ‘re-imagining-cities’, promoting urban innovation around the world. The Summit includes 800 guests from 40 countries, including the top-tier urban leaders and thinkers. The New Cities Summit was previously hosted in Paris and Sao Paolo. The event is not open to the public.

Read more about the New Cities Summit Building on their website.

Zahner project in Dallas spotlighted
“This project is about the creation of a building that offers a truly democratic experience of opera for the 21st century.”
— Norman Foster, Foster & Partners.