Earlier this week, we had the pleasure of hosting the Kansas City Art Institute’s Warwick Society for a tour of the Zahner plant as well as the adjacent Metalabs facilities. The Warwick Society is a group of benefactors to the Kansas City Art Institute whose members are invited to get “up close and personal” with artists and designers, touring art destinations both locally and internationally.

During their evening at Zahner, our team gave the group an insider’s view of current projects under design and construction within our facilities, as well as a look at our array of mockups, and the art restoration facilities at Metalabs.

Highlights of the tour included learning about how Zahner is using ZEPPS® to construct the façade of the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA, a sneak peek at the fabrication of Jay Schmidt’s MOMOCON, as well as the exclusive opportunity to witness two Donald Judd works under restoration by Metalabs.

At Zahner, we value creativity and ingenuity. Being able to share our work with individuals that also respect the value of art is certainly a rewarding experience. To learn more about how Zahner collaborates with artists, feel free to contact us!