We are thrilled to announce that three Zahner engineers are presenting in the ACADIA Disciplines + Disruption Conference this November 2 - 4 at MIT. James Coleman, Jo Kamm and Ricky del Monte will present respective research studies, and Coleman will additionally offer a hands-on workshop, building machines for custom automation. 

Ricky del Monte and Jo Kamm, both Project Engineers on the Zahner operations team, co-authored the study, “Smallest Parts” which was accepted for presentation and publication after an intensive peer review for ACADIA. The study outlines the challenges and solutions involved in building The Chrysalis, a design by Marc Fornes of THEVERYMANY. The paper describes techniques used to engineer and fabricate a complex form with thousands of unique panels.

James Coleman, R&D Engineer at Zahner, has been accepted in ACADIA with his research paper entitled “By Any Means Necessary: Digitally Fabricating Architecture at Scale.” The paper cites original research on mass customization and presents ‘Flash Manufacturing’, a fabrication methodology used by Zahner to rapidly output production on projects such as Cornell Tech Bloomberg Center and The Petersen Automotive Museum.

Zahner shop robotic arm places adhesive on perforated metal panels.
Zahner shop robotic arm places adhesive on perforated metal panels.

Coleman will also present a workshop alongside research partners Nadya Peek (University of Washington HCDE) and Craig Long (Autodesk). The workshop will explore the creative possibilities of machine automation on a factory scale. Participants will design and build their own machines and run a miniature factory, outputting 1000’s of unique miniature parts.

The workshop is open to registrants of the ACADIA Conference. Learn more about the Workshop 06: Pop Up Production at ACADIA.