Hear what people are saying about the Zahner team — and also hear what people have to say about the completed projects worked on by Zahner engineers, fabricators, and installers.

On working with Zahner:

Zahner provides exemplary craftsmanship in everything they undertake, and are seriously and extremely committed to Architecture, with a capital A.

Frank O. Gehry Principal at Frank Gehry Partners

On the de Young Museum:

Craftsmanship in large buildings is supposed to be dead, killed by Modernist ideology and cost considerations. What this building says is that maybe craftsmanship has a high-tech future after all.

Time Magazine

On working with Zahner:

Legendary Fabricators


On the Cowboys Stadium:

HKS’s spirit of cooperation in providing leadership, design innovation, delivery and execution to our project superseded even my high expectations and helped bring our dreams to life. AT&T Stadium has proven itself not only as a football stadium, but as a venue for other sports and large entertainment events. It has been an instant hit – recognizable worldwide.

Jerry Jones Owner, President and General Manager, Dallas Cowboys

On working with Zahner:

“The distinctive colours chosen for the Chancery are designed to represent Australia’s wealth in minerals such as copper, zinc, brass, steel and aluminium.”

Paul Grigson Australian Ambassador to Indonesia

On the Nerman Museum:

One of the Museum’s most iconic works,” 

Bruce Hartman Executive Director of the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art.

On the EMP Museum:

The most complex exterior skin ever devised for a building.

Civil Engineering Magazine Steve M. Huey

On working with Zahner:

The superb attention to detail starts in the design phase and continues through to the fabrication and construction process... Zahner cares as deeply about the quality of the final product as the architect themselves.

Daniel Libeskind Principal Design Architect at Studio Libeskind

On working with Zahner:

The company's focus has moved into the global community, working with designers on a world-class level. The result has been that many of the most notable examples of architecture of the past twenty years have been influenced by a company out of the mid-section of the US.

Antoine Predock Principal at Antoine Predock Architect PC

On working with Zahner:

The ImageWall is installed and looks great. Everyone is very happy with the product and clarity of the image!

Chilo Ramirez Architect at Signum Architecture

On working with Zahner:

It works a little bit like a model-airplane kit. Zahner’s computer system will go through the design automatically and organize all the parts to create a shape. The cutting patterns get sent over to a computer system that cuts the shapes. All the shapes come in a box numbered, and as long as they fit the numbered parts in the right places there’s very little measuring. You get a unique prefabricated shape that comes in a box.

George Metzger Former Partner at at Frank Gehry Partners

On the Oakley Headquarters:

Friend of Ridley Scott, Oakley CEO Jim Jannard wanted to recreate the atmosphere of Blade Runner for his California office ... The result is spectacular.

Strategies Magazine

On the NASCAR Hall of Fame:

“Zahner held to our budget, schedule, safety, and quality standards... The ribbon will indeed be the feature remembered by all who visit the NASCAR Hall of Fame. I highly recommend A. Zahner Company for any project which demands the qualities referenced above.”  

Tom Barnett Construction Manager at BE&K Turner Construction

On the Liverpool Mexico:

Even though we had never collaborated with them, Zahner's credentials and experience clearly indicated that they were the ideal candidate for this project. 

The design and fabrication process we went through has been one of the most rewarding collaborations we have had in recent years.

Gerardo Salinas, AIA Partner at at Rojkind Arquitectos

On the LAPD Memorial:

We focused on the object most sacred to the LAPD: the brass badge.

David Herjeczki Principal, at Gensler

On the Hoi Polloi:

It's intended to feel intimate and monolithic, durable and penetrable, relevant and timeless, specific and general.

Lindsey Stouffer

On working with Zahner:

These uniquely shaped parts—many of them curved—were bolted to the pad, and then to each other, in a matter of days.

Joseph Giovannini designer and writer at Architectural Digest

On working with Zahner:

Steven Holl creates a prototype with Connecticut Water Purification Facility ... reestablishes public works as works of art.

Sara Hart in Architectural Record, October 2005.

On the de Young Museum:

... A sensual copper skin that will evolve over time.

Sarah Amelar author, Architectural Record.

On working with Zahner:

Enveloped in a glittering perforated metal screen, like armor.

Nicolai Ouroussoff NYTimes Architecture Critic.

On working with Zahner:

I would highly recommend A. Zahner Company for their work and the integrity shown in their business dealings with others — This company is a blessing to our community.

Capt. David Hudgens Adult Rehabilitation Center, Salvation Army

On working with Zahner:

“If it’s a K–8 school, and you’ve put a metal detector at the front door, what does that say? Security should be more integrated, more discreet, and architects should first try to think of passive ways to incorporate security requirements.”

James Timeberlake FAIA quoted in Architect Magazine.

On the Burberry Chicago:

“What I love are the contradictions of the city. It’s a very artistic city, yet it’s also a real business city. It’s an imposing city, yet one with a lot of green space and an attention to outdoor sculpture. Chicago feels like a place where there’s an admiration for something that has a long heritage, and that of course appeals to us.”

Christopher Bailey Burberry Chief Creative Officer

On working with Zahner:

I'm on the right side of the grass.

Leo Zahner Jr. Form President, A. Zahner Company

On the 18.36.54:

The living space of this Connecticut residence is formed by a spiraling ribbon of 18 planes, defined by 36 points connected by 54 lines. This pure and dynamic architectural form generates distinctive interior spaces while dramatically framing both near and distant landscape scenes.

Daniel Libeskind Architect at Studio Libeskind

On the 100th Anniversary SMWIA:

It's like if you threw a bunch of objects into a can. You would still recognize them all.

Frank O. Gehry

On working with Zahner:

The goal of the Modular Machines that Make project is to enable people worldwide to create personal automation tools. Machines that address a particular need, personal interest, or curiosity. From all over the world, nearly 1,000 unique machines have now been created using the kit. It’s been fascinating to see the various ways people have used the kit and the wonderful things they’ve created.

James Coleman Zahner R&D Engineer

On working with Zahner:

“Even if they wind up somewhere else, the most interesting American buildings are constructed in Kansas City.”

Kriston Capps The Atlantic

On working with Zahner:

The dappled zinc is gorgeous.

John King San Francisco Chronicle

On working with Zahner:

“Metal runs in the veins of this company.”

Peter Hall Metropolis

On working with Zahner:

It doesn't matter what project type — the major issue is always money and how it is spent, and it's all about trust. It seems to me that there's more trust between the developer/contractors and owner, while architects struggle to gain the trust of the owner... How do we get this relationship back and earn owner's trust?

On working with Zahner:

There is no greater joy for me than to have an owner that trusts me and believes in me.

On working with Zahner:

We need better real-time coordination across platforms.

On working with Zahner:

We need better "translation" of meaningful data from the designer directly into fabrication.

On working with Zahner:

Design-assist is needed almost more now than at any time in history, given the complexity and disparate groups that it takes to get a building constructed.

On working with Zahner:

Don't look at the model — Turn around, and imagine a waterfall. Think about how the water falls.

Howard Elkus

On the Walker Tower:

We greatly admire Walker’s original Art Deco entrance of nickel and brass sunbursts and electrical motifs. We extended this aesthetic into the lobby through a rich experience of materials. Even Fred Astaire would not seem out of step in such a space.

John Cetra Founding Principal at CetraRuddy

On working with Zahner:

Zahner can pull magic like a rabbit out of a hat.

Stacey Jones Founding Partner at Crawford Architects

On the Leong Leong Facade:

A surface that simultaneously radiates and dissolves.

Chris Leong Founding Partner at Leong Leong

On working with Zahner:

A man whose revolutionary approach to architectural design has influenced design thinking and metal fabrication techniques across the globe.

University of Kansas School of Engineering

On working with Zahner:

We've known about Zahner for a long time and wanted to find a way to work together on this project. Being able to buy the pre-patinated flat sheet copper allowed us to use a very unique surface in a cost effective way.

Dan Bernstein Principal at Kutnicki Bernstein Architects

On working with Zahner:

The material from Zahner looks outrageous. It is exactly what we hoped for to bring our building to life. We're now a desirable standout among the many apartment buildings in Brooklyn.

Darren Anikstein Owner at Great Point Properties

On working with Zahner:

Anybody with eyes can see that Northern California is awash in a sea of stucco... So when the material is used in a way that shows how compelling it can be, we should pay attention — even if the building in question is something as mundane as a parking garage.

On the Académie Lafayette:

We couldn't have asked for a better collaboration or end result. Zahner took something complex and made it easy.

Jonathon Kemnitizer IDSA

On the Celestial Flyways:

“I wanted to shift people’s perceptions and encourage a different kind of awareness of the space, reconnecting the park to the sky directly overhead and the continuous rhythms of the natural world, which are so easy to lose sight of in the middle of the city.

Laura deAngelis Artist

On working with Zahner:

The feel of the space will inspire the creativity our team needs to turn our client's designs into reality.

Jim Mendenhall Production Engineer Manager, Zahner

On working with Zahner:

The connection of the office and shop - in proximity and visibility - will encourage increased engagement between engineering and manufacturing, resulting in efficiencies we can pass on to our clients. 

Tom Zahner COO, Zahner

On working with Zahner:

I'm excited to work in a space I helped engineer and to see how working within it will lead to new perspectives. 

John Brennan Project Engineer, Zahner

On working with Zahner:

We’re proud to share this first look at the new expansion we built to showcase our collaborative force and create a space we hope will inspire artists and architects to visit often.

Bill Zahner President & CEO, Zahner

On the Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center at UT Dallas:

Metaphorically, this motif draws an analogy between comets, which move away from the sun but are ultimately pulled back by the gravitational force of the sun or a planet, and alumni, who graduate to pursue a new direction, but retain their attachment and loyalty to the university.

Overland Partners Architect at Overland Partners

On working with Zahner:

Can a combined human + robot approach to welding streamline the fabrication process of complex assemblies by capitalizing on the strengths of each group?

On working with Zahner:

Where is everything?