Zahner is committed to protecting the environment and providing a safe and healthy environment for employees, family, and the community at large. The company maintains ecological practices at a local, regional, and national level, and works to protect the planet in which we all inhabit.

Awards & Environmental Practices

Nearly fifty years ago, Zahner began actively developing sustainable practices in its workforce, its supply chain, and its operational standards. The company runs two award-winning EPA compliant facilities in Kansas City and Grand Prairie. Zahner receives recognition and awards regularly for the development and implementation of these practices.

In 1995, Zahner was awarded the Environment Excellence Award from the city of Kansas City. Since then, the company has practiced clean operations at every stage, and regularly receives awards for environmental achievement and compliance.

Below is a listing of some of the environmental practices and operational controls that Zahner employs, reducing waste and hazardous materials in the environment, and increasing awareness for post-consumer materials.

  • Water Ecology: Zahner is committed to alleviated stresses on the city's water table. The company follows EPA procedures for handling of chemical and contaminated water used in patination and finishing for metal surfaces. No water from these processes enters into city drains, helping to ensure a high quality water table for the city.
  • Recycled materials: Zahner uses materials which are up to 90% post-consumer cycle. Zahner recommends clients and customers refrain from using composite metals such as ACM panels which are not readily recycled. 
  • Reducing waste: Zahner uses nested and programmatically defined cutting and crating practices which reduce waste and shipping. All metal offcuts, including milling scraps and filings are collected and recycled.
  • Lead reduction: There are a number of metal alloys which contain lead as an alloying constituent, including certain alloys of copper, brass, aluminum, and zinc. Zahner works with the supply chain to ensure that alloys are selected to reduce lead usage in architecture.
  • Sustainable machining: Zahner has developed water recycling for the CNC Water Jet cutting operations. The cutting surface uses metal slats (as opposed to the wasteful plastic rhino board), and is developing a garnet stone filtering and recycling program (garnet is the abrasive material which runs through the water jet to cut metal and glass). 
  • Wood Recycling: Excess wood used in crating is collected and recycled at a special facility along with paper, cardboard. 


Stewardship for the Workplace

Zahner is committed to a culture of safety and well-being for all employees and their families. The company incentivizes employee health through fitness programs, rewarding health improvement with reductions in employee insurance premiums. 

  • In 2017, Zahner celebrated over 2100 days without a loss time incident in the Kansas City facility and over 1500 days without a loss time incident for the Texas Facility.
  • In 2017, Zahner maintained an EMR of less than 0.65.
  • The company has applied for the OSHA Voluntary Protection Plan, which was developed to ensure healthful working conditions.  Zahner is on track to reach elite status in the program.

The Zahner manufacturing plant in Grand Prairie, Texas received two awards from the City of Grand Prairie on October 22nd for the company’s green initiatives. The facility was awarded the Environmental Compliance Achievement Award as well as the P2 Pollution Prevention Award for source reduction. Each of these awards recognizes Zahner’s plan for sustainable growth.

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